Biomarkers in veterinary medicine

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Within the scope of this workshop, participants will get the overview of latest advancements in the field of biomarkers in medicine, as well as their translation into clinical use, presented by the leaders in the field. This workshop also provides opportunity for the participants to network, share knowledge and ideas, and spark new collaborations.

The hands-on part will cover qPCR primer design and statistical tests to evaluate results.

The workshop is aimed at students, post-doc fellows and other researchers with the interest in this field.

Official language of the workshop is English. The registration is free (see form at the bottom of this page).


Topics: Development of veterinary biomarker assays, Point of care diagnostics, Omics in biomarker discovery in veterinary medicine, From biomarker discovery to commercial product

Hands-on session: qPCR primer design and statistics

Lecturers: Matilde Pineiro (Spain), Kevin Slater (UK), Silvia Martinez Subiela (Spain), David Pritchard (UK), Reinhard Mischke (Germany), Milicia Kovačević Filipović (Serbia), Mandy Peffers(UK), Gordan Lauc (Croatia), Manikhandan Mudaliar (UK), David Eckersall (Croatia), Nicolas Guillemin (Croatia)

Biographies of lecturers can be downloaded here

Program: (can be downloaded here) – Book of abstracts can be downloaded here




Location: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 55 Heinzelova – 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA